Veriteam – Committed to your business success.

We help you to transform your business. We do this by giving you clarity on your challenges, and the capability to stay focused in a constantly changing world. By simplifying your business, you achieve faster growth, lower costs, happier employees and happier customers.

Whether your goal is digital transformation, automation of manual tasks or operational efficiency, we can help. We are a process improvement consultancy, specialising in speeding up your business growth, helping you achieve your goals: fast.

Improved processes transform your business from complex to streamlined. You will get more done in less time, working smarter – not harder. Establishing and managing workflows and ensuring consistency in operations across offices, teams and departments is key to delivering an efficient business.

Veriteam Services

Veriteam focuses on providing services across four core areas. Each service is applied consistently and thoughtfully so that they reinforce one another and strengthen your business as a whole. We will typically combine elements of some or all of these in our work together to deliver whatever it is you need to succeed.

We use proven Project Delivery, Six Sigma & Lean methodologies to successfully support your business, whatever your stage.

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Customer Testimonials:

“Before working with Veriteam we suffered the frustrating challenges of duplication of tasks, people not sure of what they needed to do and when they needed to do it by, frustration with the amount of time it takes to get stuff done and the amount of stages within a process. We were bored of having to do tedious repetitive tasks.

By working with Veriteam we have identified many ways to streamline, speed up and improve the quality of what we do, leaving us feeling a lot calmer. It’s unbelievable the small things you do on a day to day basis that when you stop to look at your processes with Veriteam, you can improve things so quickly. It seems obvious when you do it but you don’t have the time in the first place. The recommendations are really clear and break things down in a very easy to read way. And Grace is lovely to work with!”

Emily Jones, Events Manager, Brighton & Hove Chamber of Commerce, Brighton

Productivity Doubled!

“As a small/medium sized company it felt like a bit of a leap of faith to commit to spending, what was to us, a significant amount of money. I can say with complete certainty that the decision to work with Veriteam was the right one. Their flexible and personal approach to the project made my team feel comfortable with the process and Grace has driven it forward every step of the way making it extremely easy for me.  I can confidently recommend them to other businesses in a similar situation to ours.

Our biggest challenge prior to working with Veriteam was outdated processes which were compounded as we improved the level of service we offered to our clients over the years. Much of what we were doing became very labour intensive, as turnover increased, so did our overheads!

The issue of costs was one that I knew we had to address if we were going to maximise our profitability. The task ahead of us felt huge.

Veriteam made it all very easy and found time savings of 49% across our entire Company. We have created space within our teams which allows us to provide our clients with a higher quality of experience and also gives us room to grow without increasing costs.

Laura Burdett-Munns, Managing Director, Africa Exclusive, Northampton

Process Times Halved