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From getting everything in place during start-up to soothing the growing pains and streamlining operations during growth and expansion, to maximising value for exit, we can help you throughout the business lifecycle.

By using a tailored improvement plan you will learn how to deliver the best customer experience and transform your business success.

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Top 5 Growth Enablers and Barriers For Sussex Businesses

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Working with Veriteam has brought clarity to the next steps for my role and how to get there. Grace brings a wealth of experience to the table and I have very much enjoyed working with her. I knew I needed to look ahead and become more strategic so I could make the most of new opportunities but I couldn’t find the time to make a plan to change. Working with Grace enabled me to make the time to explore the next steps and start to make changes. I would recommend working with Veriteam without hesitation, it has been a very positive and productive experience for me and brought a significant benefit to the Chamber.

Sarah Springford, Director, Brighton Chamber of Commerce

“Our business relies on having a great reputation and being able to provide first class customer service. We care about the customer experience and strive to ensure this is as best as it can be. We hadn’t realised our feedback processes were more complicated than they needed to be, so getting an external eye on these and ‘sense checking’ what were were doing identified some quick win improvements.
We implemented a new automated email to customers asking for customer feedback and we have already seen an increase in response to this. We’re using this to help us improve our customer service quality and the great feedback received is also a boost for our team.”

Andrew Murphy, Managing Director, The Move Team

Customer Feedback Scores Improved!