Improved processes make running your business easier.

We are a process improvement consultancy, specialising in controlling costs and increasing your customers confidence to strengthen your business as a whole.

From getting everything in place during start-up to soothing the growing pains and streamlining operations during growth and expansion, to maximising value for exit, we can help you throughout the business lifecycle.

By using a tailored improvement plan you will learn how to deliver the best customer experience and transform your business success.

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Top 5 Growth Enablers and Barriers For Sussex Businesses

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“We thought it would be a huge task and had no idea where to start. We were able to identify some quick wins to speed up our processes. We were also able to identify longer-term innovative improvements which give us a focus for the future and will deliver exciting opportunities to really improve our customer service. Grace can really help you identify areas in your business to fix. You’ll probably find areas you didn’t even realise were an issue!”

Andrew Murphy, Managing Director, The Move Team

£17,000 Saved!

“We wanted to move from being very operational to having longer term career development plans. This will help the team grow stronger and build their skills. Grace understood our business in depth and helped each person understand exactly how they contribute to the business. Developing individual targets plus career development growth plans means every person is contributing to our future success in a way that is completely aligned with our growth strategy.”

Andrew Murphy, Managing Director, The Move Team

New Team Goals!