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We help you to transform your business. We do this by giving you clarity on your challenges, and the capability to stay focused in a constantly changing world. By simplifying your business, you achieve faster growth, lower costs, happier employees and happier customers.

Whether your goal is digital transformation, automation of manual tasks or operational efficiency, we can help. We are a process improvement consultancy, specialising in speeding up your business growth, helping you achieve your goals: fast.

Improved processes transform your business from complex to streamlined. You will get more done in less time, working smarter – not harder. Establishing and managing workflows and ensuring consistency in operations across offices, teams and departments is key to delivering an efficient business.

Veriteam Services

Veriteam focuses on providing services across four core areas. Each service is applied consistently and thoughtfully so that they reinforce one another and strengthen your business as a whole. We will typically combine elements of some or all of these in our work together to deliver whatever it is you need to succeed.

We use proven Project Delivery, Six Sigma & Lean methodologies to successfully support your business, whatever your stage.

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Customer Testimonials:

“When we first invited Grace to look at our processes and work practices in our busy reception, we had an inkling that things could be different but also an overwhelming sense that this would be a mammoth task. Grace’s analysis provided insights and step-by-step change recommendations that are continuing to be our driving manual for implementing new practices in our customer services. Grace’s aptitude for getting under skin of your organisation is invaluable and if you are looking for clarity and impetus to move forward with making changes we most warmly recommend that you use Veriteam to help you.”

Sophie Franzen, Executive Director, The Bridge, Brighton

Streamlined Customer Services

“Our business relies on having a great reputation and being able to provide first class customer service. We care about the customer experience and strive to ensure this is as best as it can be. We hadn’t realised our feedback processes were more complicated than they needed to be, so getting an external eye on these and ‘sense checking’ what we were doing identified some quick win improvements. We implemented a new automated email to customers asking for customer feedback and we have already seen an increase in response to this. We’re using this to help us improve our customer service quality and the great feedback received is also a boost for our team.

We have to give customers quotes very quickly, otherwise they will go to our competitors. Our pricing model was complicated and manual which put our customer services teams under pressure when they were on the phone to customers. Grace created a great pricing model that automates a lot of the work that we were doing manually every day. This frees up time, eliminates errors and means we don’t risk losing customers, increasing our sales ratios.

We also wanted to move from being very operational to having longer term career development plans. This will help the team grow stronger and build their skills. Veriteam understood our business in depth and helped each person understand exactly how they contribute to the business. Developing individual targets plus career development growth plans means every person is contributing to our future success in a way that is completely aligned with our growth strategy.

All of our in-house processes were self-built. We needed to get an external eye on these and ‘sense check’ a lot of what we were doing. We thought it would be a huge task and had no idea where to start. Veriteam immediately identified some quick wins to speed up our processes. They also identified longer-term innovative improvements which give us a focus for the future and will deliver exciting opportunities to really improve our customer service.

By understanding our processes, Grace helped us develop our growth strategy for the overall business and then broke this down into achievable targets for each part of the business so that we can speed up our growth and aim for a 30% increase in sales this year.

We have now set a list of targets that we can monitor and review which will grow our business faster this year.”

Andrew Murphy, Managing Director, The Move Team, Eastbourne

30% Sales Growth!