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We help you to transform your business. We do this by giving you clarity on your challenges, and the capability to stay focused in a constantly changing world. By simplifying your business, you achieve faster growth, lower costs, happier employees and happier customers.

Whether your goal is digital transformation, automation of manual tasks or operational efficiency, we can help. We are a process improvement consultancy, specialising in speeding up your business growth, helping you achieve your goals: fast.

Improved processes transform your business from complex to streamlined. You will get more done in less time, working smarter – not harder. Establishing and managing workflows and ensuring consistency in operations across offices, teams and departments is key to delivering an efficient business.

Veriteam Services

Veriteam focuses on providing services across four core areas. Each service is applied consistently and thoughtfully so that they reinforce one another and strengthen your business as a whole. We will typically combine elements of some or all of these in our work together to deliver whatever it is you need to succeed.

We use proven Project Delivery, Six Sigma & Lean methodologies to successfully support your business, whatever your stage.

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Customer Testimonials:

“Veriteam’s ability to see the forest and not just the single tree has been invaluable to Paddle as it strives to grow its charitable profit.

The organisation needed an overhaul and Grace Lawless was the ideal person to guide-us past any poor habits we had historically fallen into, helping the team plan for the future. The insight she gave the organisation was invaluable when it came to restructuring and maximising revenue streams, safeguarding the events’ future.”

David Samuel, Paddle Round the Pier Director

Lower Costs

“The issue for many CEO’s I think is that asking for help from an organisation such as Veriteam, feels as though you are saying you ‘don’t know what to do’. And often this isn’t the case. We knew what we needed to do but we were too close to see the ‘how’ and too busy to even think about ‘when’. That is where the Veriteam perspective has been so helpful.

We were just too busy trying to fix things from the inside out, to really have a clear perspective of what it was we were trying to achieve and it took someone who wasn’t working ‘in’ the business, to help us get a clear understanding of what we needed to do to make the business run more efficiently and effectively.

When business is going well, it seems a contradiction to turn to an outside organisation for help – but we have found this is just when we needed that help the most.

Our biggest challenge prior to working with Veriteam was knowing where to start on all the changes we knew needed to be made and feeling overwhelmed at times. Working with Veriteam means we now have an achievable and realistic plan moving forwards. This now feels like a manageable task.

Also, Graces work with the staff team means that we, by and large, have the buy in of all those concerned. And for those who remain reluctant, we have a clear change management plan and rationale that we can share.”

Amanda Francis, CEO, Rinova Ltd, London

Streamlined Projects